Whitiangi incident 28/11/2017

How DoC and the Police are handling the incident in Whitianga is most bizarre! In Nelson one of the bird reserve's hired thugs displayed strange, aggressive behaviour. We didn't bite so he proceeded to exert his power by writing down all the car number plates parked legally on Brook St. I made an OIA request with the police (2/11/2017) to inquire of the ‘allegedly spilt fuel’. One of my questions “Did the Police contact the Fire Department at the time when this spill was discovered? If not, why not? I've since heard 1,300 litres of fuel were leaked. “ They were at the scene when this was discovered. I haven’t heard back - silence. 
Watch here video of aerial brodifacoum protest - Brook Valley (includes overshoot of camp) The modus operandi around poison drops seem to be to hire thugs that provoke or assault. Then they run to the media with allegations which are followed by silence. We know in Nelson that the whole poison operation had several components that did NOT adhere to…

A global Plot to kill Nature

Read full article here: A global plot to kill nature:

"There is a global plot - I have yet to fully research who is behind it - but all nations seem to be buying into what I am calling - idiot-olgy - which is the killing of anything and everything that is NOT NATIVE TO THAT COUNTRY. Their word is the more polite - eradicating - anything that is not native - animal, mineral or vegetable - this means - birds, insects, plants, everything."...

When John Key unveiled his battle for the birds - it wasn't his idea it came from the International Union for the conservation of nature IUCN

Refer Rachel Carson's​ silent spring

The Animals Agenda - Book

In "The Animals Agenda" Bekoff, Pierce reveal what’s on the minds of animals

A compelling argument that the time has come to use what we know about the fascinating and diverse inner lives of other animals on their behalf

Every day we are learning new and surprising facts about just how intelligent and emotional animals are—did you know rats like to play and laugh, and also display empathy, and the ears and noses of cows tell us how they’re feeling? At times, we humans translate that knowledge into compassion for other animals; think of the public outcry against the fates of Cecil the lion or the captive gorilla Harambe. But on the whole, our growing understanding of what animals feel is not resulting in more respectful treatment of them.

Renowned animal-behavior expert Marc Bekoff and leading bioethicist Jessica Pierce explore the real-world experiences of five categories of animals, beginning with those who suffer the greatest deprivations of freedoms and choice—chickens, …

Review of "Protecting Paradise"

Protecting Paradise Review by J James
A review of a book that was written to silence a movement voicing valid concerns poisoning the ecosystem and waterways of NZ ....".....What Dave Hansford and others are talking about when they say that 1080 is found naturally in some plants, is potassium fluoroacetate, NOT sodium fluoroacetate or Sodium monofluoroacetate. - The two are different compounds and should not be confused especially by a science writer, who is writing a book that supports its use when so many people are pointing out its dangers.
This appears to be a deliberate mischief, and dangerously misleading ...".... More here

Huge By-Kill by Brodifacoum Poison

Opinion Article by Kathy White 
"I don’t live in Nelson so dropping 26.5 tonnes of brodifacoum poison into the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary won’t affect me directly, but I care a lot about New Zealand wildlife. I'm the Waikato Regional Councillor for Taupo-Rotorua, and the current Chair of the Environmental and Services Performance Committee"... 
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Sue Grey Lawyer

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Interviews with Brook Valley Community Group members
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4X Award Winning Environmental film NZ TV Channels refuse to play!

Article via Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch
"For over 15 years the New Zealand Government has been systematically dropping massive amounts of food, laced with a cruel and universally toxic poison into its forest ecosystems. Enough poison every year to kill the entire population of NZ four times over. No other country is doing, or ever has done, anything remotely similar on such a scale."

Why would you drop poison when you know it is INHUMANE?
Brodifacoum is also inhumane as primary and secondary poison is such a long, painful death.

Watch the movie online here.
Read article 4X Award Winning Environmental film NZ TV Channels refuse to play!