1080 Poison Science and Facts

Tekahe bird (endangered) via Google images
A must read by Dr Jo Pollard (Bsc (Hons, PhD). Published 24.5.11. The continued use of 1080 defies logic.  '1080 is toxic to species of all forms of life from microbes to plants, insects, birds and humans. In mammals, it causes birth defects, reduced fertility, damage to reproductive organs and other organs including the brain and heart. Anecdotal reports indicate there may also be a link with cancer but there has been no research at all on this..." Read more here


  1. wow this is disturbing ....."......1080 has an amazing ability to spread. Again and again in research, “control” samples have become accidentally contaminated. Because 1080 poison is highly soluble it spreads very fast in water and also up food chains. For example, researchers found 100% mortality of aphids on broad bean plants grown in 0.00005% 1080 solution. Likewise, 1080 has been shown to pass readily into milk and meat....."...

  2. this is also interesting and could if someone wanted to be followed up and argued legally in court - if legal advice is sort to clarify

    ...." ...DoC’s legal duty under the Conservation Act is to manage natural resources for conservation purposes so their willingness to allow the killing of massive numbers of native animals is nothing short of criminal...."...


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