Despair by many on poisons being dropped in NZ...

Kathy White writes on Facebook -

"I've heard from five separate people within 24 hours about dogs and cats being killed by toxins laid by contractors. You can probably tell what I think about this. I'd like a magic wand to make the government acknowledge the problem it has created with its laissez-faire attitudes to pesticides in New Zealand. But instead of a wand, I just have my voice.

In the last year, I have:
1. Written press releases on this topic but the bulk of them have only been published on Scoop. The one showing here was never published by Fairfax even though they happily published countless other opinion pieces by people who were on the side of the brodifacoum drop at the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary. I have been told by friendly journalists that editors restrict and restrain journalists' stories and letters about toxins. I sincerely hope this isn't true because it would confirm that we don't have freedom of speech or an unbiased media in this country.
Huge by-kill by Brodifacoum
2. Written an affidavit in a legal case against the government on their exemption of 1080 and brodifacoum from the protection of the RMA. The commissioner said in his judgement that he hadn't seen any evidence that poison drops regularly breach rules. I'm speechless about this because the incident register is huge.
3. Tried to get my council to consider the changes to animal welfare legislation and the level of humaneness of our pest control tools in our procurement policy. The policy has just been reviewed with no mention of this request. At the time that I first mentioned this, one councillor said he didn't care how inhumane we are to possums and rats. This comment in itself is unacceptable but also shows ignorance of the numbers of non-target wildlife, pets and livestock that are killed that experience a prolonged and painful death.
Brook Sanctuary, Nelson
Find me a magic wand, someone, because my voice obviously isn't loud enough or being heard by people who care."


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