The Killing Nation by Reihana Robinson

The Killing Nation is the best book yet on the reasons why the widespread and indiscriminate poisoning of wildlife in New Zealand must stop. It’s easily read, expertly researched and carefully referenced.
It’s a one stop shop for anybody new to wild
life poisoning or people fully aware but craving more detailed information than that provided in the now nine books dedicated to ending the cruel and unnecessary poisoning of birds, animals, frogs, lizards, and insects in New Zealand’s pristine natural areas.
You won’t be disappointed with this book. ~ Jim Hilton

The Killing Nation
"Environmental activist and researcher Reihana Robinson explodes the carefully cultivated myth of New Zealand as the “Clean and Green” paradise of the South Pacific. While her country’s government and tourism industry promote images of exotic native bush, rare avian species, clean running streams, and untainted farms, Robinson lays bare New Zealand’s “Dirty Little Environmental Secret” – the wholesale poisoning of the landscape with one of the world’s deadliest poisons to combat pest species, all in the name of “conservation”. New Zealand stands alone in the world for its widespread and growing use of the supertoxin “1080”, spread by helicopter over hundreds of thousands of hectares of conservation land, rolling hills, and even into waterways and drinking water catchments. The toxin, made in batches at a small factory in backwoods Alabama USA and shipped to far-off Kiwiland, deals a grisly death to all oxygen-breathing species – among them countless birds, deer, mice, frogs, eels, and invertebrates of all description. While failing to achieve proven conservation gains, New Zealand’s poison-industrial complex taints more and more of the country’s pristine natural wealth with each passing year. Robinson recounts the surprising history of her country’s unusual and failing attempt to poison its way to a clean environment, and with classic investigative reporting and research, exposes the conflicts and professional intrigue that keep the poison flowing. Robinson chronicles the fightback by environmentalists, animal welfare advocates, and growing numbers in the scientific community against the increasing use of the poison in what has become an unhealthy growth industry protected by the New Zealand government. Her expose is a must-read for every student of environmental science – and an important introduction to “the real New Zealand” for tourists and international travelers expecting just the opposite."

Other books:
”Scenic Gem or Silent Nightmare" published 2009 by Kate Winters.
“The Third Wave: Poisoning the Land” published 2011 by W F Benfield 180 pages

At War with Nature: Corporate Conservation and the Industry of Extinction” published 2015 by W F (Bill) Benfield. 178 pages.
The Quiet Forest: The case against aerial 1080.” published 2017 by Fiona M F McQueen. 231 pages.

Reihana Robinson’s series of books 
Rural Revolt In Defence of Coromandel’s Wild Kingdom 
Part One: “First They Came for the Goats”, 80pp published 2015,

Part Two: “Save Our Wild Pigs” 125pp published 2016,
Part Two: "Don’t Fence Us In” 117pp published 2016,
Part Four: “Voices of the Coromandel: Poison Peninsula” 285pp published 2016
“The Killing Nation New Zealand’s State-Sponsored Addiction To Poison 1080” 193pp published 2017.


  1. Only the final book is available on Amazon. The first four books had limited runs only so are not readily available. Reihana intendsI "to edit and proof and release on Amazon as one companion volume". Work in progress, watch this space.
    Writing and publishing a work like this cannot be done in five minutes, unless you have serious financial backing.


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