Spider eating brodifacoum bait - Brook Sanctuary
These are photos taken at night of insects eating Brodifacoum bait dropped at the Brook Sanctuary in Nelson.These insects may not die from eating the bait but what eats insects? birds - birds feed insects to their babies
These baits kill more than just the targeted pets and brodifacoum is a bit like plastic in the sense that once it is in the environment - it stays in the environment it doesn't break down easily more so if it is cold and the brook is a cold and damp valley - and it lives inside many creatures livers who may not get a lethal dose

26.5 Tons of this stuff was dropped - in the 'sanctuary trusts slide presentation the presenter boasted how the place was saturated with it -including the waterways. 
We now have evidence that these poison drops affect the insect world - and this is incredibly dangerous to all insect-eating birds and the ecosystem as a whole
Slugeating brodifacoum bait - Brook Sanctuary

Mike Meads was a respected scientist who lost his job and had his career ruined by the NZ Department of conservation simply because his research discovered that insects where affected by the insecticide known as Sodium fluoroacetate which is aerially dropped into New Zealand's ecosystem by the tons - including all waterways - these photos are insects eating brodifacoum baits - but these photos give visible evidence that insects will eat baits of both poisons you can view him in telling his story in his own words here:
New Zealand is committing ecocide and the DoC is becoming increasingly militarised against anyone who dares challenge its methodology
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What does brodifacoum do?


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