Petition/Website Stop Poisoning Paradise

Lord Howe Island petition.  There is a plan by the Lord Howe Island Board to eradicate rats and rodents on the Island using 42 tonnes of brodifacoum (poisoned cereal) and this is splitting this closely knit community in half. The UN describe this area as “an area of spectacular and scenic landscapes". It was formed  from an inferno of underwater volcanoes more than six million years ago, sits in bath of turquoise water 'exactly where the warm East Australian Current meets the icy waters of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.' "Those ancient lava flows left a rugged landscape with steep cliffs, which drop off into an ocean which supports the world’s most southerly coral reef. Between those cliffs and the reef lies a calm blue lagoon that laps against a yellow-sand beach."Read further here

What can you do to stop this:  sign the petition, sends comments to Government as per petition
Ball’s Pyramid, rocky outcrop 23km SW  Lord Howe Island,
where  stick insect was rediscovered by scientists in 2001.
Photograph: Kevin Schafer/Corbis


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