Whitiangi incident 28/11/2017

How DoC and the Police are handling the incident in Whitianga is most bizarre! In Nelson one of the bird reserve's hired thugs displayed strange, aggressive behaviour. We didn't bite so he proceeded to exert his power by writing down all the car number plates parked legally on Brook St.
I made an OIA request with the police (2/11/2017) to inquire of the ‘allegedly spilt fuel’. One of my questions “Did the Police contact the Fire Department at the time when this spill was discovered? If not, why not? I've since heard 1,300 litres of fuel were leaked. “ They were at the scene when this was discovered. I haven’t heard back - silence. 
Watch here video of aerial brodifacoum protest - Brook Valley (includes overshoot of camp)
The modus operandi around poison drops seem to be to hire thugs that provoke or assault. Then they run to the media with allegations which are followed by silence. We know in Nelson that the whole poison operation had several components that did NOT adhere to proper regulations - same in Whitianga. Of course, none of this have been publicly acknowledged - hence silence.
The idea has been planted in the public that anyone who opposes poison pellets being dropped from helicopters are 'radical', 'very bad people' or 'terrorists'. These agencies and private enterprises are developing behaviours that do not belong in a modern, democratic society!
PS: I'm please to see that James's sad poster of a poisoned dead deer and her little fawn who were in the process of starving to death have been viewed over 125,000 times with 2,000 shares after only 8 hours on f/b. This was in response to a 1080 drop on DoC's Molesworth Station. Masses of deer were observed dead...and this, at a time when animals give birth or are with young ones. An indefensible, barbaric wildlife management style. SHAMEFUL! ~ Helen Black via BVCG group faceboook

Here is a new video for
those interested in the APPALLING events of the night of 17 October, 2017 in Whitianga, Coromandel, prior to an aerial 1080 operation the next day.

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